Barn doors have several advantages over the traditional swinging door. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a large expansive bathroom, a swinging door can cramp your style! Barn door style shower doors are an excellent solution when space is at a premium, but you still want some elbow room in your shower cubicle.

CRL Serenity slider, ultra clear glass and matte black hardware
Frameless CRL Serenity slider with low-iron ultra clear glass and matte black hardware

Flexible and Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Barn Door Style Shower Doors

The shower glass industry has made tremendous progress in recent years in creating shower doors that are strong, durable, and attractive. One style people have been going crazy over lately are barn door style shower doors, and we can completely understand why. Here’s why we think the barn door style shower door may your best choice in frameless sliding doors for your next bathroom renovation.

Always Choose Quality for Barn Style Shower Doors

We know most people don’t have a few grand to spend on their bathroom doors, but it’s very important to spend a little extra for quality when deciding on barn door style shower doors for your bathroom cubicle.

Inferior brands will give you problems not too far down the track as most of them use low-quality rollers that are also a lot smaller than they should be.

There are plenty of things more frustrating than a shower door that won’t slide open properly, but why put up with it when you don’t have to. Spend the few extra dollars for quality, and your shower door will slide like a dream for years to come.

Other problems you will experience with cheaper barn style shower doors or frameless sliding doors, include:

  • They can be difficult to adjust
  • Header bars can sag over time and make it difficult to close the door
  • Harder to install (can take twice as long)
  • They can Leak

When a shower door takes longer to install, the money you saved by buying a cheaper brand could very well end up with you losing the savings because you are paying extra for the installation.

Frameless CRL Serenity single slider with 4 glass panels and polished chrome hardward
4-panel CRL Serenity slider with ultra-clear low-iron glass and polished chrome hardware

Barn Door Style Shower Doors Enhance your Design

Barn door style shower doors are more than just a way to stop water from splashing onto your bathroom floor, they can also be the artistic focal point of your bathroom. Here are two of our favorite frameless shower door systems.

CRL Cambridge Barn Door Style Shower Doors

The new CRL Cambridge series of frameless sliding shower doors offer quality products you can trust. A modern top roller system includes four rollers for each door for smooth, seamless operation. We know the last thing you want to be doing is fighting with your shower door at the end of a long day, which is why we don’t supply anything less than superior quality.

The CRL barn style shower doors give you design options; you can have a full-standing door from floor to ceiling, or a version that goes above bathtubs. Aesthetic choices include polished or brushed stainless steel, matte black, or a chrome finish, so you are sure to find a finish that suits your decor.

CRL Cambridge bypass barn door with low-iron glass and polished chrome hardware
CRL Cambridge bypass barn door slider with 3/8″ thick low-iron glass and polished chrome hardware

CRL Serenity Frameless Shower Door

The CRL Serenity barn door style shower door offers a unique look for your bathroom design. Minimal hardware creates a seamless look, and a unique design in roller-bearings creates a frameless shower door that is as easy to operate as it is quiet.

Like the Cambridge range, Serenity frameless sliding doors can create the perfect complement to your bathroom design with options in stainless steel, matte black, or chrome finish.

CRL Serenity single sliding barn door with 3 glass panels, ladder pull handle, and chrome finished hardware
CRL Serenity with return panel, ultra-clear glass, 6″ ladder pull handle, all in a timeless polished chrome finish