Barn door style frameless sliders


Bypass double doors or single operating doors available!

Frameless Barn Door sliding systems will enhance any bathroom!

This barn door style to is a beautiful CRL Cambridge frameless bypass slider installed using polished chrome hardware, and low-iron (ultra clear) glass.  The functioning hardware (including the rollers) on these sliding doors is all high quality stainless steel which will ensure that your opening stays looking beautiful!

These doors are made with 3/8″ thick tempered glass and can be configured almost any way you like.  If you don’t like the towel bars you can have regular handle pulls instead, a circular thru-glass pull, or even just a race track cutout.

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On display in our showroom in Danvers, MA

The CRL Cambridge frameless barn door shown here is a display model installed here in our showroom right in Danvers.  We welcome you to stop by and check it out for yourself!  You can easily feel the quality behind the glass and hardware once you slide these doors in person.

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Single operating barn door slider

This is a photo of the CRL Serenity barn door style slider installed using polished chrome hardware, low-iron (ultra clear) glass, and a 6″ ladder pull handle.  The hardware on these single sliding doors is also all stainless steel and then coated to the desired finish.

These doors are also made with 3/8″ thick tempered glass and can be configured any way you like.  A common configuration is to have a handle on the door, and a towel bar on the stationary panel.

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Commonly asked questions about sliding barn doors:


Should I get a bypass or single operating door, and is there a price difference?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the layout of your bathroom, the configuration of your shower enclosure, and the budget you set forth for the shower enclosure.

Whether it’s a swinging or a sliding door, we always try to make it so you can open the door, and turn the water allowing it to warm up, without having to step inside.  Some bathrooms and shower enclosures are configured in a way that you can turn the water on and enter on the same side of the opening.  While other bathrooms it’s more comfortable to turn the water on using one door, and then use the other side to enter and exit the shower.

These are all things you want to consider when trying to decide if you want a fully frameless bypass system, or a frameless single barn door.

As far as pricing goes, the bypass barn doors are more expensive due to the extra rollers and fabrication that need go onto the second door.  They normally run about $300-$400 more in relation to the single doors.


I saw a similar door for a lot less money at my local hardware store, why are yours so much more expensive?  Will you install it for me if I buy it off the shelf?

This goes back to the old saying,  “you get what you pay for.”  There are many differences between what we sell and what you find at your local hardware store.  The ones you find on the shelf are made to fit a perfectly square and true opening.  I honestly don’t know the last time I saw one of those.  The doors we install are measured and custom fabricated to precisely fit your opening.  An outage of 1/8 to 3/16″ over 8′ is normal in construction, as nothing is ever perfect.  We have the glass specifically cut to accommodate these imperfections so that they aren’t noticeable to the eye.

While the hardware may look the same on its face, the actual quality, thickness, and material types are not the same.  CRL is the international leading manufacturer of all shower door hardware, they use only top quality stainless steel to manufacture the top bar and rollers.  This ensures that the rollers will not rust, and continue to operate seamlessly for the life of the shower.  The price difference is directly reflected in the hardware quality.

Due to the large number of variables that goes into professionally measuring and installing a barn door style sliding shower, we do not install the “one size fits all”  units found at your local big box hardware store.


What is a ballpark estimate to have one of these barn door sliders measured and installed?

This will all depend on how large the opening is, and how many panels are going to be required.  Generally speaking, a 5′ wide opening with a CRL Cambridge bypass barn door slider installed will run around $2,500-$2,600 installed using traditional 3/8″ thick clear glass.  The pricing will go up from there depending on options such as low-iron ultra clear glass or ShowerGuard surface protection.

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