Visiting Boxford

Boxford is a town in the heart of Essex County, Massachusetts, and maybe one of the prettiest and most visited cities within the district. Besides many attractions, Boxford offers a rich history, which indeed goes back to the first white settlement in this region in 1646. Today you can still admire the original Boxford’s Town Center. At the founder’s time, Boxford was part of the Rowley Village by Abraham Redington. 

town center library

Today Boxford has a population of about 8,500 people but it all started with only 40 families. Those 40 families made a living mainly of farming. Still today, you can enjoy many forests and open spaces that invite you to wander around and explore the outer skirts of Boxford. The Boxford State Forest offers hiking and biking trails, waiting for you to discover.

For all the fishermen amongst you, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a trout or two in Baldpate and Stiles Pond. One of the many beauties of Boxford is that, to this day, there is hardly any commercial development. This makes Boxford the ideal place to get away from the city to enjoy the scenic with its many ponds, streams, wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Did you know Boxford received in five consecutive years the prestigious Tree City USA award?

From the countryside to the Town Square

A good start to meet the local people close up is the Boxford Community Store, known as “Jack’s” or “Wayne’s,” depending on the current and previous owner. Here are news made and news shared. If you are new in town, this is the place to get advice about which places you must visit. Did I forget to mention, Boxford has an excellent public transport service. Ask in the local store for more information.

Jack's Wayne's community store

Must-see attractions

Boxford’s First Church

This church was built in 1701, and still today you can admire the original structure. The population started around the church and expanded from here on. Eventually, a second church was built in 1774. The two parishes shared meetings altering in one or the other community.

Lawrence Road

Lawrence Road too is of historical importance. It is here where Boxford’s industry began just after the Civil War. It was a match factory, which had its doors open from 1866 to 1905.

Benson’s Ice Cream

Benson’s Homemade Ice Cream is one of the hallmarks you cannot go past, and so is the Boxford House of Pizza close to the border of Georgetown.

Benson's Homemade Ice Cream

Apple Festival

The annual Apple Festival is one of Boxford’s main seasonal attractions. Each year in fall, this festival attracts visitors from around the country. Ask in the Community Store for more information!

If you are looking for eateries, look for Paisley’s Farm Stand and West Village Provisions.

Salem Witch Trials

When you are in Boxford, you can’t leave without having visited the “Witch Hollow Farm,” formerly known as the Tyler-Wood House. This farm, respectively the house was built by Capt. John Tyler, in 1727. He was the son of Moses Tyler, whose sister in law, Rebecca Eames, was tried in the famous 1693 Salem Witch Trials. Still, you can see the house of the intersection of Main Street and Ipswich Road. The Salem Witch Trials are known worldwide and have inspired countless movies over the centuries!

Are you thinking about moving to Boxford or retiring here?

First things, first! Four Mile Village has a great retirement community in close vicinity to the Four Mile Pond. Without any doubt, this is a place where many elderlies would like to spend their lives. The waiting list, however, is significant.

Moving to Boxford

Boxford is a quiet country town, ideal for bringing up a young family. There are countless schools and after school activities such as swimming pools, a gaming hall, and much more.

Even Boxford is a country town; here you do not have to go without anything.

Shower Doors installed in Boxford

Here are a couple photos of some amazing frameless shower enclosures we completed for some great customers in Boxford.

boxford frameless door and panel shower
low-iron / ultra clear swinging door & panel installed with clips over a tub
boxford frameless shower door neo-angle
3/8″ thick glass neo-angle with brushed nickel hardware finish, header, and clips

Attention shopping-friends!

Whether you are living in Boxford or here for a holiday, this town has many shopping centers. I would not be so bold to insist, saying, there is more to shop than money can ever buy you. No, but shopping in town is a seriously addictive undertaking!

Feeling like going to the beach?

Just a short drive away you will find three famous beaches within half an hour drive from Boxford: