Custom Glass Table Tops in Massachusetts

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When you want something done the right way, you want it to be custom made. This applies to everything from clothing to jewelry to even glasswork. Since furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, glass needs to as well. At Image Glassworks – it does! We have the ability to custom cut and machine polish glass to fit any of it, including but not limited to dining room and end tables. If you’re looking for the perfect piece that will amaze guests, yet be functional in your daily life, you are looking for a custom glass table top.

We provide custom-made glass, including table tops, to homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts. Our showroom and factory, where we make all of our custom work, is located just a short drive from Winchester, in Danvers

If your table is not a rectangle but something like a racetrack, circle, or just a custom pattern, we can cut a glass top for it that will fit it exactly like they were made together. Your custom design doesn’t stop at the shape though; you can choose the thickness of your glass as well. And don’t worry about your measurements being exact, because our team will do that for you. Of course, if your table is very large, it would be quite inconvenient to try to bring it to us for measuring. That is why we will come to you! This is just one of the ways we show how important our clients are to us.

Please contact us today and tell us a little about your custom glass table top needs. We would love to be the solution! We can be reached by phone at (978) 777-9900 or email at Don’t let your dinning room be bland and square, bring in Image Glassworks!

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