Guardian ShowerGuard Advantages

When a new year rolls around, one goal people like to make as a new year’s resolution is to renovate the family home. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, so it’s where most people will start the makeover. Designing a bathroom always presents a lot of options.  Of them are Guardian ShowerGuard, new tiling, more up-to-date fixtures, luxury items, and of course a frameless shower door.

If you’ve been putting up with the tired old combination shower and tub, you will appreciate an upgrade in this area the most. The shower door will factor into your design at some point, which is one of those areas in the bathroom everyone loves to hate cleaning. The shower door is also prone to damage over time from corrosion, heat, cleaning products, and soap scum build-up.

showerguard treated vs untreated

There are shower products on the market which can help you avoid some of the work in keeping your bathroom looking fresh and new for longer and reduce your time cleaning.

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Alternative Shower Door Products

There are a few glass treatment products on the market that can make shower glass easier to clean.

EnduroShield is one such product that is applied after the glass has been manufactured. It has the advantage that you can use it in an already installed shower, and it comes in a DIY option. However each application only last 3-years and will need to be reapplied.

Rain-X is another DIY option for creating a water repellent shower door. However, while it’s relatively easy to apply and can be done by anybody, it works best with regular use.

Superior Shower Door Protection with Guardian ShowerGuard

For longer-lasting, crystal clear clarity on shower doors and splash panels, ShowerGuard is the superior choice.

ShowerGuard protects the glass from the many challenges posed by the typical bathroom environment. This includes soap scum build-up, humidity, and hard water deposits. Cleaning agents themselves pose a risk to bathroom glass, as repeated use over the years eventually dulls its clarity and shine.

The significant advantage provided by ShowerGuard is that protection is baked into the glass during manufacturing. ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed against deposit build-up to keep it looking sparkly clean with less work.

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How Does Guardian ShowerGuard Work?

Typically, a sheet of glass contains tiny peaks and pockets of irregularities. These irregularities are mostly invisible to the naked eye but still provide plenty of purchase for bathroom impurities to lodge and accumulate.

Large area magnetron sputtering coating technology infuses an invisible surface over the glass to effectively smooth out microscopic irregularities. The shower screen then becomes highly resistant to soap and grime. Hard water deposits do not get a chance to accumulate and dull its crystal-clear appearance.

showerguard after exposure
standard glass after exposure

Unlike spray-on treatments, ShowerGuard treated glass is permanently protected for a lifetime. Homeowners never have to worry about applying inferior treatments to keep the glass looking as good as it did the day it was installed.

Your choice is clear, if you want the cleanest, brightest bathroom without all the work, then Guardian ShowerGuard is the only choice.