Low Iron (StarPhire) Ultra Clear Glass

no more green tint!

Low Iron glass is an ultra clear glass that has no green tint

At first glance of this photo you probably didn’t even notice that there was glass installed in the enclosure.  Due to the low iron glass used here, you have to look closely to see the polished chrome hardware, and the seam between the door and the notched panel.

This shows exactly how choosing low-iron glass for your shower enclosure will make it clearer, crisper, and more beautiful!

Ask yourself: How long did it take to choose the perfect tile?

Let us guess, you spent hours in the store picking out exactly the tile you wanted for your enclosure.  The perfect shape, size, and most importantly; color.

By upgrading from the traditional clear glass to the low-iron ultra clear glass, you are ensuring the tile will look exactly how you picked it.

While it does come with a slight cost attached, it’s only a one-time cost, and how many times in the near future are you going to be redoing this shower?

comparing low iron glass with traditional clear glass

use the gallery sliders below to compare these low iron enclosures to the standard glass enclosures

low iron starphire glass

standard clear glass

Q: How does starphire glass compare to low iron glass?

A: The reason you will hear the terms “low-iron” and “StarPhire” sometimes used together is because StarPhire is a brand name of the glass, and low iron is the process used to remove the green tint; they are the same type of glass.

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