Like many other cities in Massachusetts, Middleton goes back nearly 400 years, right to the time of the first settlers in the area. From the first settlement in 1659, right through to 1728, it belonged to the district of Salem. Until this time, Middleton has been within the boundaries of Andover, Boxford, and Topsfield.

Where did the name Middleton come from

Middleton received its name after Brazy Wilkins, who bought a six hundred acres piece of land halfway between Salem and Andover. Middleton was the first settlement in this area, which ultimately grew into a large farming community. This was primarily done by subdividing the land into farms of one hundred acres each.

However, Middleton was changed with the turning times and became a vibrant iron and steel community during the 18th century. Some of the remains are still visible at Mill and Liberty Streets. The first iron and steel company was owned by Thomas Flint Sr. and his son, Thomas Flint Jr. of Salem, John How of Boxford, and Thomas Cave Jr. of Topsfield. Those companies operated for seventy years and helped Middleton to grow.

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Middleton changed once again

By the 19th century, Middleton became a vacation town for the city dwellers of Lawrence and Lowell.

  • Did you know
    Middleton is home to the oldest trees in Massachusetts. They are 400 years old, and you can visit them at 39 Peabody Street. You can also see the tavern, known as the Wilkins House, which was built in 1693. Its location was ideal for people who traveled from Salem and Lawrence. The 400-year-old house is preserved in its original built and is like the tree the oldest building in Middleton.

Flint Public Library

The Flint Library was opened first in 1891. It received its name from Charles L. Flint, a former member of the Agricultural College.

Besides  Salem, Danvers, and Beverly, Middleton is one of the fastest-growing cities. Middleton, Topsfield, and Boxford share the same Masconomet Regional High School, which received its name after Chief Masconomet, the Sagamore. During the English colonization Masconomet, the Sagamore, was chief of the Agawam tribe who lived what today is Essex County. Currently, the school serves students from grade 7 through to year 12.

Sightseeing in Middleton

While holidaying in Middleton, you are close to Salem. A visit to the town where the infamous with trials took place is almost a must-visit.

  • Did you know
    During those trials, 20 allegedly accused people were executed, 55 people made false statements under prolonged torture, 150 suspects were arrested, and another 200 people were accused of witchcraft?

Within a few months, the allegations spread to Andover, Amesbury, Salisbury, Haverhill, Topsfield, Ipswich, Rowley, Gloucester, Manchester, Malden, Charlestown, Billerica, Beverly, Reading, Woburn, Lynn, Marblehead, and Boston. An interesting fact is that until the Salem trials, witch persecution had existed only sporadically in the North American colonies, unlike Europe, where the trials against predominantly women had already spread over the entire continent.

As early as 1938, part of Salem was placed under protection to underline its outstanding importance for the development of shipping and trade for the entire United States of America. The reason for this was not only the importance of Salem as the country’s former sixth-largest port, but also for the preservation of the historic facilities.

Boston Naval Shipyard

From 1943-1960, Cassin Young served the United States during both war and peace. She survived two Kamikaze attacks and sailed the globe.

The initial Charlestown Navy Yard was renamed in 1945 to the Boston Navy Yard. Initially founded in 1801 as a shipyard for the United States Navy, ships were built and revamped there until 1974. After the shipyard was closed, the area was converted into a park and is now the berth of the 18th-century frigate USS Constitution and the World War II destroyer USS Cassin Young.

A day trip to Boston

Black Heritage Trail

Most visitors explore the famous “Freedom Trail” – either with a guided tour or on their own. Far less known is the “Black Heritage Trail.”

You can explore the Black Heritage Trail on your own. A site of historical importance to the black population when they settled in Massachusetts between 1800 and 1900.

The 2.5 km long tour leads through Beacon Hill, and besides historically relevant sights, you can also explore an exquisite and laid-back district.

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