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If you need a mirror hung in your Winchester home or business, you may be tempted to just do it yourself. This is not usually the best way to do it though, and it’s recommended to have professionals handle such a delicate job. Hanging a mirror is not as simple as it seems, especially if your needed mirror is large. Mirrors that are installed onto walls are normally 1/4″ thick, which is pretty heavy to the average person. You must also ensure that the edges are polished so nothing is sharp. Bring in Image Glassworks to do this job for you. We can also drill holes in the mirrors for light switches or outlet covers that may already be installed in the walls.


we follow safety methods

Whether you already have your mirror chosen and it just needs to be securely hung or you need to purchase the perfect mirror and then have it installed, Image Glassworks can help. We can get you a mirror for your bathroom, living room or closet inside your home, as well as commercial mirrors for gyms, dance studios, hair salons, barber shops, or any other space. If you haven’t been able to find exactly the size or shape you need, we can custom cut and provide it for you.

Mirrors serve as a great way to light up a room or make it seem more spacious than it really may be. Properly placed and installed, they help add a sense of depth to almost any space. Don’t wait any longer on getting your mirror installed. Reach out to Image Glassworks today by calling (978) 777-9900

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