Plexiglas and Lexan Advantages

What you need to know

When you are looking for a glass product, you may not actually be looking for glass itself. In many residential and commercial situations, a substitute like Plexiglas or Lexan is actually a much better fit. It takes a professional with years of industry knowledge to be able to help you make this decision.

What is plexiglas?

Polymethylmethacrylate, also called Plexiglas from the name of manufacturer, is one of the most popular consumer plastic materials. It’s popularity is due to how transparent, yet resistant it is. Plexiglas has a good resistance to impact, weathering, moisture and chemicals. It is virtually unbreakable! Another benefit is that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. 

What is Lexan? 

The most notable and stand-out feature of Lexan is how strong the material is. It is much stronger than many other naturally-occurring materials, including glass. Lexan is so clear yet durable, it is being used in car windshields now.

Bring in the experts

When you’ve decided that one, or both, of these products are for you, it is time to call Image Glassworks. Image Glassworks is a glass and mirror company in the Winchester area with many years of delivering on our promises. We guarantee that we will provide our clients with high-quality, unique glass products that simply do not disappoint. We can say this because every single product we create has undergone a comprehensive and rigorous in-house quality assurance process, conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry. For all your mirror and customized glass product needs, give us a call and we will ensure that your project is a complete success. 

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