Estimated Pricing For Double Pane Glass Replacement

Pricing if you bring the window to the shop

You can save some money if you are able to remove the window and bring it into us to repair in-shop, the reason for this is you will save the service charge of having our technicians out to your home.

If your window is a tilt in the window, normally the repair costs will range between $95-$125 depending on the size, thickness, or if there are grid separators inside. If your window is a crank out they are usually a bit larger so they may range between $95-$135.

If you are not sure how the window comes out of the opening, please feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to provide some instruction.

Pricing if you have us come to your home or building

If the broken or fogged window is stationary and is not easily removed, or you are just uncomfortable taking the window out yourself – we will be happy to schedule a time for us to come out on location.

Under normal circumstances, a regular sized window (approximately 30×30) would be range between $300-$450 to have us come out and repair it on site. There are of course exceptions to this figure such as if the window is larger or more complicated to be repaired than a normal window. Also, if you have more than one window to be repaired, the cost for each one will go down if you have them done at the same time.

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