Frameless Shower Door Hardware by CRL

Shower door hardware by C.R.Laurence

All of the hardware we use on our installations is original, C.R. Laurence hardware, manufactured in California. There are companies out there, that in order to save a small amount of money, will use aftermarket hardware manufactured overseas.  We believe the risk is too great, and stand by our policy to only install enclosures with CRL, factory warrantied hardware.

CRL’s shower door hardware is constructed from solid brass and then plated to the desired finish (chrome, brushed nickel, etc).  The high quality construction material used in this hardware assures that it will never rust or break down from the harsh environment of a shower enclosure.  This is one of the primary reasons that it is our strict policy never to use third-party (overseas and less expensive) hardware.

Click here to be directed to CRL’s warranty on shower door hinges

Shower door hinges

The image to the left shows the CRL wall mounted hinges, used to support and swing the door.  CRL hinges have the functionality to swing both in and out.  Hinges are made in several different sizes and the overall weight of the door determines which size hinges you will need on your door.  The weight of the door is determined by the thickness of the glass, as well as the width and height.

Frameless hinges are also available as 180-degree and 90-degree glass to glass configuration and are available in any finish in order to match the rest of your bathroom. (chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.)

Frameless clips

Small frameless clips shown here are used instead of track or channel. They can be attached to walls, floors, curbs, or ceilings to secure a panel into place.

Frameless clips are made up of a two-piece system and require a notch be fabricated into the glass for the location it’s going to be placed.  The front plate of the clip is installed in the enclosure, the glass is lifted into place, and then the back cover is installed.  Finally, the gap between the glass and the edge of the shower enclosure is then caulked using CRL Mold & Mildew Resistant clear silicone.

Mitered corner sleeve over clamps

Sleeve-over glass clamps are used where two pieces of glass meet at a 90° corner. This bracket slides on top and keeps both pieces together and sturdy.

CRL Frameless Shower Door Pull Options

CRL makes several different styles of pulls making it easier to customize your shower door with the rest of the style of your bathroom.  Whether you have a more traditional or modern look, CRL makes a pull that will fit your needs.  Each pull comes with its own price tag, so just be sure to bring up which one you’d like to see on your door!

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