Shower seals, wipes, and bottom sweeps for frameless shower doors

Extra soft fin shower seals ‘H’ wipe – (P375HWS)

Shower seals are necessary to keep any splash water from going through the space between the panels of glass in a frameless enclosure.  This multi-purpose ‘H’ Wipe with double extra soft legs legs acts as a seal that can be used on the side of the door in order to allow the door to be swung both in and out. The soft dual legs provide a quieter door closure, as opposed to closing into harder plastic seals.

These shower seals come in 8′ lengths and can be cut to run down the handle/pull side of the door, or be cut into pieces to go above, between, and below the hinges on the opposite side.

Shower seals for lower sweep with extruded drip rail – (P990WS)

The lower sweep shower seal with drip rail is pressure fit onto the bottom of a shower door. The soft wipes on the bottom create a seal to keep most of the water and splashing inside the shower.  The 45-degree drip rail diverts any water running down the face of the glass back into the shower.

Shower seals for hinge side of a wall mounted door – (P880WS)

These PVC seals and wipes are terrific for sealing a swinging wall mounted door.  These shower seals can be cut to lengths to go above, in between, and below the hinges.  When the door is swung open, the pressure against the wall is released.  When the door is closed, the soft 45-degree extrusion seals itself against the wall whether it be tile or fiberglass.

These are manufactured in 8′ lengths and are cut to size depending on your particular application.

Seals for door to close against a panel – (PCC10)

The PCC10 shower seals are made to be installed onto the handle side of a frameless shower door.  When installed onto the door or the panel, it creates a full vertical seal jamb for the door to close against.  This seal prevents the door from swinging inwards and is normally used combined with the P880WS installed on the hinge side.

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