Tempered and Laminated Safety Glass

Protect your business and customers from broken glass

Many businesses need safety glass, including restaurants, schools, banks, daycares, and more. In any commercial setting, shattering glass can spell disaster. Not only can someone become extremely hurt, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of a lawsuit as well as needing to shut down while the area is properly cleaned up. If you’ve ever broken a jar in the kitchen, only to find glass pieces for weeks afterwards, you can image what a large, commercial-sized window or mirror could do.

how we make them work together

To reduce your risks, have Image Glassworks install tempered and laminated safety glass for your Winchester area business. While the terms are often used together, these types of glass are actually two separate products. To put it plainly, tempered glass shatters into a many small little pieces, not sharp shards that will cut people. Laminated safety glass, on the other hand, will crack but hold together in one piece. There are different applications and reasons why these types of glass are used, and one may fit better than the other your exact situation. Of course, with Image Glassworks, your piece of safety glass will be cut to the exact size you need, so it fits as if it had been there the entire time.

If you have a question regarding which option is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact Image Glassworks today. We can be reached immediately by calling (978) 777-9900. For non emergencies and to schedule a free consultation to estimate the cost of putting safety glass in your building, you can fill out our online form as well.

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